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A Work [always] in Progress

Who we are

We are a group of twenty five developers, designers, and testers who, armed with a revolution-worthy arsenal of technology, work hard at creating software which, often times, ends up pleasantly surprising both our clients and ourselves. Every one of us brings to the table not only their talent, plenty though it may be, but also personality that, one way or another, seeps into the end result giving it character. And we’ve been at it for almost a decade.

What we do

When it comes to anything software related, we breathe life into specs, grow and cultivate experience, and present you with lightning capped, bottled, and ready to electrify. Let it be digital, is our commandment.

Why us

We have the statistics (experience, awards, big shot clientele) to wave about, but what we have more of is pride. Not of the ugly separatist kind, but of the parental kind. We are committed to seeing each and every one of our projects thrive and be exemplary of what can be accomplished. We don’t push our hatchlings out the nest and expect them to fly. As a result we have a long list of clients happy enough to vouch for us. Get in touch with us and let’s teach your idea flight.


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Projects Completed

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Web Dev

The web is not dead. The browser is still the porthole to infinity. Your website is still the window in the window-shopping of the digital world. Whatever your product, you need the three w’s, and we are here to help. Tell us what the mannequins should represent and let us dress and arrange them to turn heads and stop wanderers short.


Who you hired as your interior decorator won’t matter much when your house crumbles in the wind. So it is with software. Every shiny mobile app, every gorgeous web page relies on faceless back end software for support. Here at Solid-ICT we have highly experienced developers who know how to architect resilient software. Leaving you to just sweat the drapes.

Mobile Applications

Mobile is everywhere and Solid-ICT has been developing for this platform since its infancy. iOS and Android development are skillsets we should have countless badges for. In fact, we do have a few awards to show for it. Let us help you build an app that will earn its keep on your customers’ home-screen.


We’re of the ‘design is how it works’ thought school and apply it to everything we do, especially to our UX. We have designers on board who have a knack for combining aesthetics and user-friendliness in a way that will both lure in and have your users stay for longer than you would expect.


Each and every one of our projects goes through rigorous testing here at Solid-ICT. Bugs are caught and squashed, obstacles pinpointed and removed, and experiences refined. Use cases of every kind are concocted and played out to ensure that even a garden gnome just today given sentience can operate our software without scratching its nose. We offer the very same option for your software as well.


We put a great deal of effort up front to really understand your idea, and how you’ve imagined it from conception to growth to maturity in your mind. Once we feel we have immersed ourselves enough in your vision we tune and refine it to work as a software product and create a storyboard which not only helps with planning but also puts us on the same page as you. You know what to expect and just sit back and watch it unravel.


Founder & Managing Director


Ali is the visionary founder of Solid-ICT who has been steering it to success for almost a decade. With his impressive technical skillset, and charming handle on client relationships, he has taken the company from small development shop to top ranked agency. And he keeps raising the bar. When he’s not at the helm of Solid-ICT he likes to box, and has a keen interest in neurophysiology and metaphysics – quite possibly his source of vision.
Business Development & Finance Director


Dressed in suits we suspect are tailor made and gifted with a confident stride, Mustafa has an aura that whispers ‘trust me with your money’. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. Not because of how he carries himself of course, but because he has years and years of experience managing the finances of credible institutions many times our size. His office is lined with trophies he’s won sailing bringing us to the conclusion that money doesn’t just make the world go round but also tames the waves.
Creative Director


Designing interfaces requires an understanding of composition as well as programmatic flow. An eye for color, and a nose for user interaction. Analytic thought and artistic expression. With an educational background in engineering, multiple years of experience in graphic design, and a keen interest in psychology Gizem combines the best of both worlds and has been beautifully outfitting our technology since day one. She’s also an avid reader of existential philosophy and can cook up a meal that will have you questioning your existence.
UK Operations Director


Having traversed the harsh desert environments of many an Arabian country and come to the conclusion that coding is as universal as laughter, Selim chose to pursue iOS development at a time when Apple was still trying to hush developers with NDA agreements. He claims to find serenity in programming but also has a passion for music and literature, trying to find a way to do one justice with the other; a problem as difficult as P = NP in his mind. Currently he’s tasked with expanding Solid-ICT overseas, and is willing to have a chat with you to show why.
Head of iOS Development Team


Leading our team of iOS developers from the start, Alper’s vigorous love for code is only rivaled by his love for snowboarding down mountains he grew up admiring. He is always pushing both himself and his team to go one step further with energy he seems to have an endless supply of. Hyperactive, friendly, and hard working are just some of many words to describe him. Just steer clear of him when you’re chewing gum.
Head of Android Development Team


A few minutes with Umut will have you convinced he was born to be a fearless politician, or a fast talking stock broker of Wall Street’s golden years. Luckily for us, and the world in general, he chose to channel that energy into Android development instead. Capable of juggling more projects than we can count, his crowded desk is the safest place your project can land on.
Head of Web Development Team


Modern day web development, with its plethora of frameworks, labyrinth of technologies, and infinite ways of combining the two may seem like it requires a bit of insanity to operate. So when asked to guess what a calm and collected fella’ like Baris does professionally, scripting web pages would not even cross your mind. But surprise-surprise he is our web development team leader who’s work, reflective of his character, calmly does its job whatever browser you trap it in. He is also the champion of the pub quiz we hope to play one day.
Head of Backend Development Team


Yunus is the prodigal talent that leads our back end development team. He has a knack for architecting systems that operate without a hiccup. Systems that rival the devil in pulling off the greatest trick ever - convincing you they don’t exist. Once an expert gamer, Yunus now spends a great deal of time thinking about the vast, dark, quiet emptiness of space, his only competition in elegant complexity.

Selected Works

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